Thursday, October 27, 2011

Biscuits and Gravy!!!

Here are a few tips for the very old fashion biscuits and gravy...

When making biscuits, a key is to add just a tad bit more milk to the batter.   Dust your board with a good amount of flour.  You will have very sticky dough....the flour on your board will give you enough to make it not stick to your hands.   Knead it a few times and fold it in half.  Pat it out without a rolling pin...the less you mess with it the better it will behave!    When you bake them, wait until the last few minutes and then paint them with milk...they will be golden with a crispy outside!!! Totally yum-lo-lishis!!!

As far as the gravy goes....a few secrets....cook your breakfast sausage in a pan...add salt and pepper, a good amount.  After it is cooked, add enough flour to soak up the grease and create a "dry" look to the sausage.   Cook it for a few minutes and then add milk to the consistency you want.  Once you do that, add several shakes of tabasco!   ENJOY YA'LL   

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