Saturday, October 29, 2011


 Well..after many many many years....I have finally been able to get some really wonderful and amazing tools for my kitchen.   I finally understand after all the years of my husband needing the "right" tool to fix something what it is like to have the right thing!    My husband is the best!!!

New vs. Old....I bought the one on the right at a garage sale for 25 dollars.   It has been AWESOME!   If you do not yet have a kitchen aid save up and buy one!!!!   They are worth it!   Have a garage sale...sell your first born puppy...whatever you can do to earn the money...It makes cooking a dream!

My new kitchen aid was refurbished.   It is a professional series 550 HD.  It normall sells for 419.00....we saved 250 dollars by buying refurbished and an addition 20 dollars because we waited until it was on sale!!!   So folks you do the numbers...we saved for it was not out of pocket expense....totally worth it!!!

We have been cooking with pans that we have purchased at garages sales.  They have done the job but drive me crazy.  They do not cook even (with the only exceptions being my cast iron..I LOVE them)   So we have saved, gathered coupons and my husband bought these two beautiful pieces for my birthday .   We had a coupon for 40% off and shopped the clearance racks.   This sells for 290.00.  We did NOT even come close to that price!   Do your homework...we also asked for the imperfection stock.  They are marked by stickers.  The white stickers are considered grade A.  The orange stickers have imperfections. I am okay with a bit of discolor from the outside of the pan to the inside.   Works for me and still has the same warranty and quality assurance!

I am totally excited about this one  it is normally 300.00!!!  And yes folks you guessed it....we had a coupon and saved!   My husband actually worked over time to spoil me this year and saved for me to have some decent cookware.  First time in my life that I have had truely good cookware!

You can see how this is a multifunction set.  It serves as a lid as well as a skillet.  I LOVE it!

Killer grips to pull things out of the oven!    Just a cool find and only 6 dollars!
 I can't WAIT to get started in cooking with these!!!!  See you soon!!!

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